Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Perfect Double Snowday

It all started on Tuesday at school. We all knew about the insane blizzard coming our way that night, and all after school activities had already been cancelled. We all hoped for a snow day the following day, even though we already knew we were going to get one since we were expecting over a foot of precipitation. Then over the announcements came our assistant Principal's familiar voice: "As you probably already know all after school activities have been cancelled, and there will be no school tomorrow." Everyone cheered except for me. "Darn it! I really was looking forward to my English quiz on roots tomorrow!" I joked with my friends.

When I got home, I crashed because I got hardly any sleep the night before, for whatever reason. My mom already knew we would have a snow day so she got two movies from red box: Case 39 and Easy A. I made a huge comfy bed on the living room floor out of about 5 blankets, a sleeping bag, and 3 pillows. The movies were both really good. When Case 39 got over it was probably about midnight and we were all going to go to bed pretty soon. I was kind of creeped out by it so I made my sister and mom sleep down stairs with me. When I woke up, my mom said we had to shovel. I did not expect so much snow outside the window. One drift was halfway up a building next door.

After we shoveled, I (attempted) to run through a huge snow bank. My dogs and I were pretty surprised when we fell through to about my hip. It was just about impossible to run through the snow, but we still tried. Ren and Rosie, my two Labrador retrievers, and I ran up onto our deck in our backyard, that we use for jumping into the pool in the summer time. I jumped off and my puppy, who is just over 5 months old followed me! We fell into the fluffy snow, completely unharmed. However, my 5 year old dog, (6 years in 12 days!) Ren wouldn't do it. She was too chicken although she jumps into the pool all the time. Finally she jumped with us and we all fell laughing.

Later on Wednesday, we returned the movie to Redbox. After begging my mom enough, she let us get another movie. I selected GrownUps starring Adam Sandler. Just as the movie started, my sister screams: "I hate you Lilly!" Of course she doesn't really hate me, she was just mad because it turns out I didn't have school on Thursday either. I was very happy because I hadn't even started my homework yet.

That night my favorite team in the whole world was playing. The Duke Blue Devils. They were currently 19-2 and had to win to keep their good reputation. The game was never really close. The Blue Devils had it from the beginning. Mason Plumlee and Kyle Singler, my two favorite players, were on fire. Well, Kyle Singler is always on fire, but oh well. But Mason Plumlee was dunking and grabbing rebounds like crazy. At the end of the game I was so happy. But my second favorite team, the Chicago Bulls, started right after the Duke game. At first the game was pretty close. But Boozer and Rose shut down Blake Griffin, for about a 20 point game.

When I woke up Thursday morning, I was still happy from the victories the night before. I did my homework, and was finished in time for lunch. I ate qucikly as I got on my snow gear. Ren, Rosie and I went outside and played for about half an hour in the snow. They didn't really want to jump off the deck with me again. Rosie even tackled me to the ground a few times. I made a beautiful snow angel, only to have Ren run through it seconds later.

At about 9:00 that night, I made hot chocolate and popcorn for my sister, Jessi and I. We sat there listening to Maroon 5 and sipping hot chocolate. That's when I realized that these were the most perfect two snow days ever.

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