Thursday, August 19, 2010

Crazy Dreams Really Open Up My Eyes

Have you ever had a dream then woke up, and felt so very strange? I have, well I do a lot of the time. Last night i had a dream about a certain something that nearly made a huge effect on me.

But this dream, it was so... miscellaneous.

Most of my dreams have things going on in them that happened to me during the day or I had recently been thinking about. But this one was so extremely different, it has left me thinking. Thinking about why certain people were showing up. It made me wonder to myself, "why are you here? You're not the one who usually is here. Are you some kind of a message? Don't get me wrong, I enjoy you here in my imaginary world in my head... But why?" Why this happened, and why it happened that way. Is my brain trying to tell me something. A warning perhaps? Maybe what happened in the dream will happen to me in life? It's so crazy. When I woke up, I wanted to fall back asleep and start dreaming the dream again. I tried everything, but I realized I was up for the day, and not going back to sleep for a while. If only dreams were more like books. They do leave you wanting more, but if only we could go back, pick it up, and start off where we stopped.