Sunday, May 8, 2011

Some Really Cute Celebs:)

This post is very random, trust me I know. I just felt like I had never discussed the topic of cute celebrities, when the topic is so very necessary!

1. Kyle Korver

Where can I find more of Kyle?

-He plays for the Chicago Bulls, who are currently in the NBA Playoffs

2. Chord Overstreet

Where can I find more of Chord?
-He is on the show Glee, on Tuesday nights.

3. Mason Plumlee

Where can I find more of Mason?

- He plays for the Duke Blue Devils who are currently out of season, but will be starting again in late October.

4. Jon Scheyer

Where Can I find more of Jon?

-Right now he is on the Rio Grande Valley Vipers roster, which is a Development-League (D-League) team, but the season is over. He may be enter the official NBA next season.

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