Monday, February 14, 2011

Thanks So Much... NOT.

Wow. Way to put out some impression of yourself yesterday, making me think we have the same idea. I was so happy, giggling madly, sharing all the details with my friends. Until you dropped some completely different signs today. At first it seemed like nothing. Not once did I consider it that way. I talked to my friend to get her opinion. Ok, so this isn't much fun, but it doesn't matter because we still can be. At least I thought. I texted you some silly thing, just to get a conversation rolling. When I got your response, I never realized how much I could regret saying that. So I sat there, silent, probably looking a little nauseous. What was another choice besides playing it cool? I had no other choice. I quickly told you: "i gotta go." hoping you would realize I was hurt. You probably just said "ok" but I wouldn't know. I shut off my phone.

Why does this type of thing always have to happen to me? Every time. It is not fair.

Worst Valentine's Day ever.

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