Sunday, January 16, 2011

To get to the future, you must deal with the present.

I can't say why, because I'm not sure if I know myself, but the future seems so exciting. I'm not talking about UFO's and aliens or whatever, I mean my future. Like in 10 years from now. I will probably be in college or just finishing up. Done with school forever. Time for my life, the real thing. Not the first 20ish years where everyone tells you what to do, and you run on a schedule. I will be able to make my own decisions. I can go do whatever I want, whenever I want. I might be married by then (who knows?) And who knows to whom I will be married? I would do anything to know. The idea itself is a thrill. But some things I have now won't be in that future, which is too sad to continue thinking about. Sometimes my head is stuck up way too high in the clouds. I dream about crazy, amazing things that may never happen (Some would be impossible like marrying Kyle Singler or Mason Plumlee.) And some are very possible. Maybe I should think a little more practical.

Dream on.

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