Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lost Writing

I found this story hiding somewhere in my computer. I had completely forgotten about this story I started writing. So here you go:

Simply Confusion
By: Lilly Haish


I sat alone in the dark, claustrophobic room; my head throbbing louder than my thoughts could overcome. Pain radiating from my head and the palm of my hand burning like a hot, intense flame. How did this happen? Simple… But so complicated. I tried to scan my brain for options, ideas, anything. But it only caused my head to throb louder. Like a large drum. Bum bum bum. I was mortified as I thought about what could happen to me, not exactly knowing when. I was panicking, hopeless, alone, but most of all scared. What time was it? It was so hot and sticky in the room. My perspiration drowned my face like a flooding river. And at that moment I started hyperventilating… at least I think I did. I couldn’t really concentrate. Was it just me or were the walls closing in? I had never been a person affected by claustrophobia, actually, the complete opposite. Tight spaces made me feel comfortable and cozy. And I didn’t like open areas. But why suddenly it changed I didn’t know.
The room was dead silent but to me was a crashing thunderstorm. My head was in a whirl. Right then, you could ask any other person what they heard, and they would reply nothing. But no, not me. I heard many things, a drop of sweat fall from my humid face, my pulse pumping anxious blood through my weak body, shushed weeping slipping from my frigid lips, and my shaky, uneven breath.

This is just the beginning of my story. I promise more will come later.

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