Friday, August 13, 2010

Simply Confusion



I opened my eyes just to be blinded by rays of sunlight streaming in through the icy window. I gulped down deep breaths of fresh air. It was just another repulsive dream. I was quite thankful for this. I look down and saw my dog, Twix was snoozing away on my aged and battered quilt. Twix is a black and light brown Norwich terrier. We named him that because he is the color of a chocolaty Twix candy. I glanced at the clock on my bedside table. 3:47 am. Still way too early to get up. It was still pitch black outside. After a dream like that I knew I wouldn’t be able to go back to bed.
I glanced over at my desk and saw a pad of blank drawing paper. I got up and grabbed it and a pencil. I didn’t want to write, I wanted to draw. But I didn’t know what to draw. So I began sketching long dark lines across the page. I looked at the clock again, 7:52. Already? But just a few minutes ago it was before four! On my paper there was a shape that I guess I had made from drawing lines on the page for four tedious hours.
Downstairs, I heard my mother, Brenda cooking away in our large kitchen. My mom is a very excellent chef. She always wanted to move to California and cook for the “celebrities”. But then she gave birth to me. I can’t help but to feel guilty for shattering her dream. Something smelt very good so I put on my soft, fleece robe and went downstairs.
“Hey mom, whatcha got cookin’?’
“Cinnamon and chocolate pancakes, but tomorrow I’m making something fancier.”
‘Because it’s Christmas morning of course!”
I had completely forgotten that it was even December I guess I was just a little bit too shaken up from the dream. Or should I say nightmare.
“Oh yeah, sorry”
“Don’t apologize, just get over here and tell me if this is any good.”
I tasted the thick and creamy batter. “It’s delicious mom, as always” and put the spoon in the sink. “I’ve got some studying to do mom. Gotta go.”
“Ok well pancakes will be ready in about 10 minutes, come back down then if you want some.”

I practically ran back up the stairs. I grabbed my journal that I had gotten from my mom for my birthday two months ago. I opened it to the first page. Blank. Completely blank. At the top of the page I wrote: my dream the night of 12/23/09. I wrote down every detail I could remember of my horrid dream.
I read back over it. Then again. And one more time. But it still didn’t make any sense what so ever. I closed my journal and went down stairs for pancakes.

My dad, Adam was down there.
“Hey Macers!” That was the nickname my father had given me a long time ago.
“Glad you decided to join us Macie” my mother chimed
“So what plans do you have for today Macie?” my father asked
“I dunno, I was thinking about stopping by the library.”
“Wanna ride?”
“No I think I’m gonna take my car, thanks though.” It’s not that I don’t like my father’s big blue Pickup Truck; it’s actually pretty nice, it’s just that mines better.
I put down the pancakes as fast as possible.
“Somebody’s hungry!” my dad exclaimed
“What? Oh, yeah” I quickly inhaled the last pancake and went upstairs to get dressed. I just threw on an old T-shirt and some jeans. On the way out the door I put on my boots and coat.
I walked out the door, and stopped to admire the beauty. My brand new, silver 2009 XLR Roadster. I had just gotten it for my 16th birthday in October. Exactly 2 months ago yesterday. Although I’ve had this car for a while, I could never get over how amazing it is. I know what you’re thinking; I’m a spoiled brat that gets whatever she wants. That’s not true. My father actually works at Chevy, so he gets huge discounts. Well it’s no surprise that he works at Chevy; we do live in Detroit, Michigan.
I pressed the unlock on my keys, and it beeped twice. I slid into the car and sniffed the new car scent.
I rest my head back against the fuzzy seat cover. I closed my eyes, and nearly drifted away. Then I remembered I was sitting in my driveway with my car door wide open. I shut it, turned the key, and sped off into the early morning.

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