Thursday, September 16, 2010

That Tree

We used to have a huge tree in our backyard. It was really old, and possibly diseased. Well, something was definitely wrong with it. It didn't look like a normal tree. It had all these bumps, and was gross looking. So we recently had it removed. I was kind of happy it was leaving, but at the same time, almost sad. There were so many memories with it. When I was little, I would grab a chair to stand on, and I would pick off the freshest, greenest leaves. I would take them and make "salads." Oh, and all the times the kite, football, or badminton birdie got stuck in the large tree. It provided a shaded area in the blistering, hot summer days. And, in the dead of winter, the little clumps of snow perched perfectly on the little branches, looked beautiful. I really miss that tree, which is now just a patch of grass.

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