Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Gum, and the Shoe

Have you ever seen in the cartoons or where ever, a persons shoe getting stuck in a wad of gum? And even though it's just a teeny piece of gum, it holds that person right where they are, no matter how much they pull and struggle. And who knows, if you pull hard enough, it might eventually not be able to stretch anymore. Then when you're almost free, it pulls you back and you're flying backwards only to become more tangled in the mess than ever before. Have you ever had the exact same thing happen to you, but instead of gum, a person, and the shoe would be yourself? Maybe the gum could be a task in your life that can't be conquered.

Why can't I get out of the gum? I want to be free. It's best for me, and possibly the others around me. Maybe my life is a little toddler, and I, I am the yo-yo. The child let's the toy unroll and nearly get away, then suddenly, with a flick of their wrist (almost like someone snapping their fingers) you are once again spiraling upwards to your doom.

So I'll admit it, you are the gum of my life.

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  1. Blog award for you! :D