Sunday, December 12, 2010

One Christmas (Continued)

We went to bed that night, unable to sleep, because we were so filled with excitement for Christmas. I shared a room with my sister Jessi, my parents shared a room, and the dogs laid by the fire.
At some point during our trip in Wisconsin, we were going to pop the popcorn we bought at the store. My mom put in the oil and popcorn and put on the lid. After a few seconds, we noticed the lid started to rise, but it kept popping. Next thing we knew, it exploded, and popcorn was flying everywhere. The dogs really liked that.
After Christmas Day when all the presents had been open, I broke out in an itchy rash. It turns out I had the chicken pox! My dad had to drive for quite a few miles to find items to treat the disease. I had to take a bath in gross oatmeal, but we had a problem. There was no bathtub, just a shower. So I had to take an oatmeal bath in the sink! It was really weird.
While we were in Wisconsin, we went sledding. It was a big hill surrounded by trees on both sides. We called it the Haish Hill. After sledding for a while, a dog came bursting through the trees. It ran up the hill to greet us with plenty of excitement. Later we decided to name him Sledder. A year or two later, when we were in Wisconsin again, we went sledding again. And the same funny dog was there to see us.
This is one of the best Christmases I’ve ever had. Even with the good and the bad things.

The End!

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