Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Current Obsession: Dreams

Dreams are truly magical. And if we could decide whether or not we wanted to dream, and how often we would have them, my head would be filled with enchantment every hour of sleep. It is said that we all dream, every night, but can only remember some of them. Some people cannot remember dreams at all, or wake up when they begin. I feel sympathy for these people, because they can never know what it feels like.
We only dream of what we know. But just think, how spectacular they would be if we dreamed of the unknown.

Last night, i had a dream myself. First we found a shiny red Ferrari and put it in the passenger seat of our car. Of course, this does not make sense. How could a car fit in a seat made for a human? Dreams make sense when they are happening but when we wake up and rethink it all, we wonder, how could i have just gone along with it when that is so impossible? I do not understand it, but we all do it. So then we drive to a cupcake factory and i have to make about 100 cupcakes in 20 minutes. I know, random right? Unfourtnatley then my alarm goes off. I was so glad i just dreamed but only if it had been longer, i think to myself. I could sit around forever and think of the endless possibilities of how the dream would have continued.

For those of you who enjoy dreaming as much as i do, i recomend these websites:


  1. great post! lots to think about. also, i love the new banner! keep it up :)

    It's a helpful resource, and the message boards always offer something new!

  3. You didn't even get to eat one of the cupcakes!!!

  4. My hubby is took a dream interpretation class. I love hearing what he has to say about them. :) I do so enjoy your writing style. Very fascinating!

  5. Thank-you!I'll have to look into those classes, that would be super fun!